Back on the Wagon

It has been a couple weeks since my last post and I have to apologize — for some reason with a 50k in the upcoming future I decided to get unmotivated. Don't worry it only lasted a week and I'm back on the wagon.

After my 28 mile training run (two weeks ago) I decided to take a week off in part because of a pain I developed in my bottom left foot mid- run. I'll chalk that up as a week off well deserved considering I tend to take a week post-marathon. And since this was the distance over a marathon and with no t-shirt or medal perks, it seemed justified.

However, the following week was inexcusable and a result of nervousness and lack of motivation. That's right, with a 31 mile run on trails across hills weeks away, I was struggling to stay motivated. Can you believe it? I need to get back out there and put my laziness aside.

So this weekend, I jumped back on the wagon. Two friends, that are also doing the 50k, had their 28 mile training run this weekend. I asked if I could log the last 9-10 miles with them. It's always nice to have fresh legs out there with you when you are towards the end of a difficult run. They finished great and the pace was perfect for my venture back to the pavement.

With 9 miles being my first run in two weeks I decided to make it a pattern and tell my body its' vacation was over. The next day I headed for some trails and got in 6 miles. I was hoping to log closer to 9, but 6 felt right and it was a good experience to run on trails. Oh ya, that was my first time on trails (more about that later). And yes I know I have the furthest distance I have ever run and hardest course (elevation wise) in less than 2 weeks and I've run on trails once. Yes, I know all of this. But don't we all have a little crazy in us?

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Anonymous said...

You are definitely crazy...maybe you should consider waiting for the 50K trail run since its right after a marathon. Something to think about :)