The Night Before

A key to success is the night before. Actually the several days leading up to it, but the night before can definitely "kill" any hopes you had for a successful run.

Two days ago I challenged myself to try and run 17-20 miles the morning before a full day of work, but last night I destroyed any hopes of that dream coming to fruition. I didn't do it on purpose, at least not consciously, but I went out to celebrate a family-friend's birthday at the lovely restaurant known as Red Lobster. First, they tempt you with totally healthy for you butter-free biscuits. (if you could hear the sarcasm in my typing). For dinner I ordered a medley of shrimp that I'm sure had some clever name and it was a wrap.

I woke up this morning not feeling too hot, but wanted to prove that I am committed to this thing called running, after all I challenged myself so I couldn't let... umm... myself... down. Ya. In my head that sentence sounded right, but not so much on screen.

So I walked out the door and didn't get very far. I struggled through 5 miles and had to call it a morning. I don't know if I get a star for trying, but my tummy just wasn't having it today. Whether it was the biscuits or shrimp, my stomach decided it wanted to have technical difficulties and end any notion I had of running today.

I guess that means I'm going to have to try and squeeze in an hour on Saturday. We'll see how that goes considering my morning/afternoon are already spoken for.

In conclusion, don't eat questionable food the night before an important run... your shoes will thank you.

Enjoy your weekend my friends.

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