Shoe Management

With increasing my milage over the past three months I managed to take most precautions under consideration for the SF Marathon, except one. Shoes. I managed to burn through a pair in under three months leaving them questionable for race day. Luckily they had a few last runs in them to allow me to race effectively. Had the race been 2-3 weeks later this might have not been the case.

With an Ultra coming up and having to increase my weekly milage again, I've started working in two pairs at once. I've done this before with a pair for long distance (Asics Kayanos) and a pair for short distance (Asics GT-2140). But this time around I'll be working in a two pairs of long distance loggers. This should prevent me from having to break in a new pair so close to race day and run the risk of running in a brand new shoe.

I would like to work in a lighter pair for speed work, but two right now seems a better option. Of course, if I happen to find a pair on sale then I'm not responsible for my actions.

Happy mid-week running.

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