The Great Beyond

For us Marathoners 26.2 is normally or goal destination, but what happens after that? I have no idea, but am about to find out Saturday morning when I start my first long distance training run in preparation for (also my first) the Ultra Marathon Labor Day Weekend.

Funny thing is, I have gone over 26.2 and if you have run a marathon, chances are you have too. According to my Garmin, the last couple Marathons I've ran have been slightly over the marathon distance with my total mileage being slightly above 26.5. Not because the course was incorrectly laid out, but due to taking wide turns, weaving through people, etc., the total distance traveled is far from a straight line.

But this weekend will be a different animal all together. With a 6 a.m. start time and a goal pace of 10-11 min. miles it will be a test of our endurance, resolve and camaraderie — because this run will not be tried or accomplished alone. I'll be running with friends logging 16, 22, 26, or 28 all in one lovely group run. I'll be logging my 28 with my main man Manny-Fresh. He did an ultra last year and I'll definitely be using his guidance across our 31 mile adventure to be.

Next time I write, I hope to have 28 under my belt. Until then, run strong.

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kara said...

Just don't get lost out there!