The Fox Wanted to Run a Mile in Her Shoes

You can't make this stuff up folks.

In Arizona, a woman was running a trail near the city of Prescott and was attacked by a 'rabid' fox. Apparently the fox attacked and bit her foot. She then grabbed it by the neck when it went for her leg... the fox then proceeded to bite her in the arm. The woman said she wanted the fox to be tested for rabies, so she ran a mile to her car with fox's jaws still clamped to her arm. (I know, right?) She then got to her car, pried it off her arm and threw it in the trunk and drove to the hospital. (See for me this would be a problem because I drive a Scion XB, and I don't have a trunk - think short station wagon) The sheriff's office also reported that the fox later bit an animal control officer. Both are receiving rabies vaccinations. (story on SFGate.com)

Wow! I have ran some tough miles in my life, but they fall short in comparison to this one. And you thought the last few miles of your last long endurance run were tough? Sheesh, try it with a fox attacking your arm. I would have to imagine that she wasn't bleeding terribly, otherwise why risk loosing so much blood not only in the mile run, but on the way to the hospital? It was a trail run, so I assume she was at least a few miles from the closest hospital.

I don't do very many trail runs and have never had an encounter with a wild animal on any of my runs... come to think of it, over the summer I was running around the Lafayette Resevoir and there was a snake on the road. I'd like to say that I wrestled it and we battled it out for hours, but sadly I simply ran around it and informed some other runners to becareful of the snake on the road. I guess I'm not a hero, but I'll settle for a nice runner.

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Kristen said...

I have to admit, I've never been attacked by a wild animal while running, though I did a trail run recently around a pond in my city and I met up with a gaggle of surly teenagers who would not move out of my way (they were walking abreast on a very wide path) when I tried to run by them. One of them certainly looked rabid and if he'd bit me I'd would have had to make a mad dash to the hospital for sure!

DrScherbs said...

What an incredible story. But I cant help feel sad for the fox since they wouldve destroyed him to test for rabies :-( I think the lesson learned is we should all carry small clubs while trail running! Who knows what you will have to fend off!!!!