Running with (or without) a Purpose

I was listening to the radio this morning and one of the hosts said that his method to quit smoking was to wear running shoes and any time he had the urge to smoke, he would go run a couple miles.

It then lead me to think about how much running can clear your mind. Many people consider running to be a stress reliever and I would have to agree that this is the case more often than not. When I run and I have something on my mind, one of two things usually happen:

1. I'll enjoy the time spent on the road free of thoughts other than concentrating on my pace and distance. Completely clear my mind of all the day's clutter and enjoy the music on my iPod and the beauty of being outside. Almost as if entering a meditative state (but with clothes that wick and body glide).

2. I'll end up running and over-analyze what is bothering me until I come up with a course of action to resolve it. This is sometimes the best. The miles fly by without realizing that you have just ran for the past hour and it ends up the best of both worlds. Getting your miles in and coming up with a solution to a problem.

Either way, running is not only a part of living a healthy lifestyle, it gives you an opportunity to think about things that you may be too busy to think about during the course of your normal day. It allows you to have a block of time that is yours to do with as you please. So enjoy your time out on the pavement and take advantage of the opportunity to take one step at a time.

Care to share what comes across your mind when you are out on the road? Leave them in the comments below, maybe you'll inspire someone to lace up their shoes today.


Anonymous said...

I run roughly 5km every other day, and my main aim is to focus my thoughts about work and life during my run. It is more than a stress reliever for me, its the only time i get with myself to think, plan, decide, relax.

Patrick said...

i completely agree with the previous comment. with the craziness that can sometimes pervade my days, running is one of the few times i get to focus on myself. i push everything else out of my head and for the next hour or so, it's just me and the pavement. any pent up energy is released with each step, and i trade it all in for peace of mind and an amazing runner's high.

i find that, when i run, i unintentionally become more focused and disciplined in other areas of my life. running reminds me just how much i can push myself. it shows me that, if i dig down deep, i'll find the strength i need to keep on going.