Nike Responds with a True Trophy

I'm hoping that this is the response to the Arien O'Connell ordeal that it seems most people wanted from the beginning — yesterday Nike awarded her a Tiffany Crystal trophy inscribed with "First place overall, women's division, Nike Marathon." (Full story on SFGate)

In addition, there was a note from Nike that apologized and hoped that there were no hard feelings. When Arien was asked if she was happy, her response was: "Yes, if they'd given me that trophy in the first place, no one would have ever known."

But unfortunately that didn't happen and after The Chronicle ran the story on SFGate, it received over a million hits, numerous comments and Nike then had a situation on their hands. The aftermath included Nike receiving bad press along with a number of emails, letters and phone calls frowning upon their decision. The final straw may have been Reebok's response a day before forcing Nike hands to make a decision. Although it may be too late to effect people's opinion on Nike and the situation, when it comes down to it, she won the Women's Division and has a trophy to prove it.

Case closed?

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