Surprise, Surprise

There are many benefits to going out for a few miles on a Sunday (or any other day). Often it is to think about the week past and the one quickly approaching and sometimes it is to listen to a recently downloaded play list in search of the next 3 minute surge to come through the headphones. But lately, Sundays have been about football. (NFL style)

Running on the treadmill while watching the 10am game has been a recent discovery since I mostly pound the pavement on the actual pavement outside. But getting some miles done on the treadmill and watching the game is pretty fun. You get lost in what is going on and the next thing you know you've been running for 3 miles.

Yesterday during the Cowboys/49ers game I had planned to get in 5 miles, but with Tony Romo and Jason Witten being on my Fantasy Football Team, I was a little more invested, and wound up reaching 5 miles with some extra energy to burn. So I decided to run a little bit longer. I increased the speed and got in an added 1.3 miles for 6.3 total for the day.

If I had decided to sleep in, I would have missed out on the planned 5 miles along with doing my longest run in the last 3 weeks. Surprise, surprise. Sometimes when we go out for a run, we can surprise ourselves and accomplish more than our scheduled maintenance run. So next time you are considering skipping your next jaunt, be like Nike and just do it, you may be in for a treat.

Green Bonus: this weeks trips to the gym were all done on foot with zero emissions. (other than my voice saying, "damn, it's cold.")

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Brianna said...

Love it!

Isn't it great when a run surprises you? That's another reason to just keep going - you never know what adventure awaits you around each proverbial corner. :)