Up Before the Sun

There is something special about getting up in the morning before the sun has risen, when there is morning dew on the grass, the streets are silent and the only noise is your feet repeatedly hitting the pavement.

Luckily, I'm able to enjoy these finer things living in a quiet neighborhood east of the busy city. (Although running through Golden Gate Park at the same time is just as nice if not better.)

I woke up this morning a little before six, grabbed my shoes and the leash for Mika and we ran a quick 4+ miles together before the hustle and bustle began. By the time our run came to an end, the sun was up and the commuters were out and about.

There is something special about a morning run. It starts the day off on the right foot (pun totally intended) and gives you a special jolt of energy to begin the day. Plus, it's only 7 am and you've already accomplished something. The early morning is one of my favorite times to run... 

What's yours? Feel free to share your favorite time and place to run in the comments section.

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Kristen said...

I also enjoy those early morning runs, but I don't do them often enough so I always feel stiff and feel like my legs never quite wake up. But it does give me energy for the day and I'm happy to have it done so there will be no excuses to put it off! Another time I like to run is in the early evenings in the summer when it is just getting dark and has cooled down a bit. This time of year here in the East I like to wait until the afternoon when it's warmed up a bit!