Run and Be Productive

Since I stayed up late to watch a movie, I didn't feel like a 5am wake up call. So I hit the snooze and decided to wake up at 6 for a shorter distance run. I considered sleeping in completely and just waking up in time to go to work, but I needed to run an errand before work and that's what I did... literally. I RAN and did my errand.

I needed to return the DVD that I watched until midnight the following morning, so I worked it into my run. The store was less than a mile away so I ran there, dropped off the movie, then continued to get in a 2.5 mile run and the best thing is I did it with zero emissions and burned (plus or minus) 250 calories. Now that's being productive.

Just imagine if everyone walked, ran, or rode their bike once a week for an errand. (I also rode my bike last night to pick up some vegetables for dinner.) Of course we can't do that if we are stocking up at Costco or Target, but maybe when we need to pick up a small item that can be easily carried in hand or small backpack. Not only will we work in some exercise, we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Give it a try next time you have a chance or share in the comments some suggestions and how you've done your part to reduce our CO2 output

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